‘it hurts to be thirteen’


a visual illustration of the blur that was last year and a literate vision of how i lived through it how light affects mood both in reality and picture is too complex to describe in some kind of futile term your photography teacher tells you, and although these photos (below below) were taken last summer, … Continue reading


a day or two later (after dying my hair) pia invited me to come to hers and after a small gathering i slept over. in the morning we went to a park nearby and it was a really hot day. this is nancy climbing a tree.

photos taken on my olympus OM10 during the summer -and captions to go with them click on all thumbnails or photos in grids to see them larger and to read captions btw during activities week at the end of year seven and eight at my school, you always go on a camping trip to france. … Continue reading

my boos -meeting new friends summa 2013 – ibe ft. ella

DSC_1164 copy

this is a photo from literally years ago when me and Ibe skyped¬† in summer last year a friend of mine ibe came to london- we had been talking online for some time and then somehow it happened!!! she lives in belgium but she came over and i met her in her little london penthouse … Continue reading